GTA 6 Might Not Get a Launch on PC Upon Release


Both recent reports and past trends indicate GTA 6 not getting a PC release initially!

When Rockstar Games officially confirmed that the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 would be launched in December, fans were ecstatic, to say the least. On December 4, much to the gaming studio’s annoyance, the trailer got leaked online. This led to Rockstar Games releasing the trailer a day in advance.

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While the trailer has now been released officially and received well by the fans, there is some bad news in store for PC users. The official announcement only makes a mention of current-generation consoles as the game’s initial target platforms. However, that’s not the only reason one believes that GTA 6 will not get a PC launch initially.

The 91-second trailer of GTA 6 introduces fans to Lucia and Jason, the two protagonists in the game. While many appreciated the quality of the visuals in the trailer, several fans were intrigued to know the kind of narrative the game would bring to the fore. As the trailer drew to a close, one got the confirmation that GTA 6 would be released sometime in 2025.

GTA 6 PC Release

The press release put across by Rockstar Games only mentions the consoles Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Since the studio itself has not mentioned any other console, there is a strong possibility of GTA 6 bypassing a PC release.

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A while back, a report indicated that GTA 6’s PC port would “lag behind” the console versions. This particular claim has been made by Tez2, a reliable Rockstar insider. In October, the insider had stated that the game’s PC version would be “more buggy” than the Xbox and PlayStation versions.

Rockstar’s recent history also makes one believe that the game would not get a launch on PC when it gets a release worldwide. The PC ports for the 3D entries in the gaming franchise were released a couple of months after their console counterparts. The last game in the franchise that was released across all major platforms simultaneously was GTA 2. Keeping this tradition followed by Rockstar in mind, one has a good reason to believe that GTA 6 would get a slightly delayed release on PC.

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