GTA 6 Gameplay and Map Information Reportedly Leaked on TikTok


A GTA 6 gameplay footage, offering a sneak peek into the landscape of the game, seems to have leaked on TikTok.

TikTok users recently spotted a glimpse of the gameplay and map of Grand Theft Auto 6. An individual, who identifies himself as “azzarossi”, shared the gameplay footage on TikTok. The user also divulged details about the map that will be seen in the game. Since the GTA 6 trailer is all set to be unveiled in a few days, this leak has resulted in a lot of excitement amongst the fans of the franchise.

In the leaked footage, one can see a huge metropolis which, as many fans have pointed out, seems to be Vice City. Though it seems to be offering a small glimpse of the game, it is enough to get the fans excited. As the camera moves around, one can see further glimpses of the landscape of the city. As one sees developer notes at the bottom of the screen, one gets a feeling about the footage being authentic.

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In September 2022, a leak offered glimpses into an early build of GTA 6. The recently leaked footage features buildings and other landmarks that one had seen in last year’s leak. This led to fans further believing that this leak has credibility. The leak offers a good amount of information about the map that will be a part of GTA 6 and has increased the curiosity around the game.

As per the TikTok user, the map in the game comprises of three distinct cities that are double the size of Los Santos. If this information turns out to be accurate, fans can look forward to a highly immersive gaming experience with the arrival of GTA 6.

While the leak has resulted in a lot of speculation about the elements in the game, the source of the leak has also caused a lot of curiosity among the fans. According to a fan, this leak has come from somebody who happens to be the son of a Rockstar Games employee. Some fans are also of the opinion that a third party has made an attempt to impersonate the leaker.

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Regardless of what the truth behind these leaks is, what one knows is that most fans are certain about the fact that this leak is genuine. Once the GTA 6 trailer arrives, one should get better clarity about the authenticity of these leaks.

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