Overwatch 2 Introduces New Skins and Gets Back Fan-Favorite Game Mode In Season 8

Overwatch 2

With a lot of fresh material coming into the game, this is a good time to be an Overwatch 2 fan!

There is some good news for those who have been fans of the prop hunt game mode in Overwatch 2. This popular mode will be back in the game in Season 8. This mode, which involves a game of hide-and-seek, will be an integral component in the Lunar New Year celebration of Overwatch 2 which is scheduled to take place towards the end of January.

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As fans would know, Call of the Hunt has been designed as the eighth season of Overwatch 2. Soon, fans will get their hands on new skins based on monster hunters and a Battle Pass refresh that will provide them with new cosmetics. Season 8 also features a plethora of balance changes along with the new tank hero named Mauga.

As per the information shared on a blog post by Overwatch 2, players should look forward to the comeback of Misfits and Magic, which happens to be a much-loved hide-and-seek prop-hunting arcade game mode. Most fans, of course, are already looking forward to the Lunar New Year event scheduled on January 30.

Overwatch 2 also unveiled the new skins that will be arriving in the game in Season 8: Call of the Hunt. These cosmetics can be acquired through the Season 8 Battle Pass, which is the in-game store for the game. Players shall also have the opportunity to obtain the Battle Pass through events and other activities that have been lined up.

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The eight season of Overwatch, which has been titled Call of the Hunt, marks the return of cosmetics, game modes and a Battle Pass refresh to the game. Players should also appreciate the arrival of several balance updates and buffs for tanks like Doomfist, Ramattra and Winston.

Overwatch 2 has also offered a preview of the skins players will get to explore in the next two months. In the trailer, as many as 18 skins can be seen. During Call of the Hunt, players can expect to see more skins being unveiled.

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