GTA 6 – More Suggestions on Gameplay; This Time to Bring Back Max Payne-like Shooting

GTA 6 Rockstar

Even as Rockstar Games has maintained tight lips over the launch calendar for the next edition of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, fans have not stopped offering their suggestions for GTA 6.

The latest one deals with the shooting and firepower. The latest suggestion is for Rockstar to consider changing the shooting within the game in GTA 6, to the style adopted by Rockstar in the game Max Payne 3. Max Payne 3 was developed by Rockstar though the earlier versions of the game were the property of another studio, Remedy Entertainment.

Incredible Shooting Spree

The game Max Payne 3 had The Matrix-type shooting episodes, which leave you stunned into disbelief. You will find the protagonist flying in midair and shooting down roomfuls of enemies. Young players love to see such heroics and if the shooting scenes get added to the fare in GTA 6, it may turn out to be a more exciting game.

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There has been this debate that Rockstar will have to produce something out of this world to make GTA 6 more appealing to the players than GTA 5 and GTA Online. It is an unenviable task and challenge for the studio. This suggestion on the combat mechanics mode is being thrown with that objective in view.

Max Payne Shoot

Is There a Message Built-in Excessive Shooting Scenes?

There is one theory which believes the use of guns and shooting down anyone that comes in the way is a kind of message. The belief is that it conveys how dangerous it is to handle guns and how devastating the effect of indiscriminate shooting could be. This is an arguable way to interpret the action on the screen. Others may say it can leave the opposite impression in the young minds playing these shooting games as well.

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These people quickly add that there is really no one-to-one comparison between the two games, Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto. In its GTA Online avatar with the Diamond Casino & Resort, the GTA franchise has a lot more action packed inside the game. Though guns and shooting are part of the gameplay, there are fast cars and crimes being committed and so on. The Max Payne games had only shooting as the main theme running all through. However, the suggestion to revamp the firepower in the new game may be taken in the right spirit by the studio and shall work on it.

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