GTA 6 –  Will Rockstar Allow User-Created Content on its Platform, Like Fortnite?

GTA 5 Rockstar

The discussion of the release of GTA 6 has now turned to some new territories, going beyond just the release date and if it will be on the PS5 and the new Xbox consoles.

There have been discussions on the choice of characters as well. The new development is the metaverse environment, which many say will replace the internet as the virtual universe. Can you imagine GTA 6 being hosted in such a platform where the players have the liberty to create fresh content and introduce gameplay which the other players can follow?

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Fortnite has Ignited this New Idea

Fortnite Battle Royale is being observed closely by these analysts based on what it has been able to offer to its players. The game hosted a concert recently by Travis Scott. It takes a lot of effort and courage for the developing studio to take these steps and in the case of Fortnite, Epic Games has done it. Can you expect Rockstar to do something similar with GTA 6? Some experts say it is not difficult to imagine.

GTA Online Has Shown the Way

The immediate example of what the virtual world can achieve has been handled by Rockstar with its GTA Online game. It has been made into a multiplayer game and then the studio introduced the Diamond Casino and Resort. This has completely changed the way millions have taken to playing the game. The entire thing had to be reimagined and it has been a real win-win for the studio and publishers on one side and the players on the other. You can even understand why Rockstar is hesitating to launch GTA 6, since GTA Online has been an extremely successful franchise within the online gaming industry.

GTA 6 Console

Empowering the Users is Becoming the Norm

The argument being made is that the trend in the digital world appears to be to allow more freedom to the users to contribute with their creative inputs. Does that mean there will be a game within a game or some other event within a game? It could evolve like that. There are some games like the Sims which has player-oriented content. Players develop characters, dress them up in their choice and so on.

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Grand Theft Auto can also consider some developments like that where players bring more to the table than just follow the gameplay ordered by the studio. It could be a completely new universe you will be exposed to in the coming years.

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