GTA 5 – Interesting Theories on Why Speeding in the Game Does Not Earn Challans

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If you have ever wondered why the police in Los Santos, the imaginary city in GTA 5 don’t appear to issue over-speed tickets to drivers, you may not be alone in that.

There are some interesting explanations being offered for this anomaly. The key aspect to be noticed in this game is that the game clock moves at a different pace than the clock you follow in real life. A day in GTA passes by in just 48 minutes. This, some experts say when applied to a car speeding at 90 miles per hour may represent a much slower speed.

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Las Santos Police issue Wanted Level Stars

The Grand Theft Auto 5 is located in a city Las Santos which is inspired by the real city Los Angeles. The gameplay includes the police force of Las Santos which keeps a watch over the crimes the players commit in the game. Instead of arresting the culprit, a Wanted Level star is awarded against the player. As in real life crime busting, the Las Santos police use roadblocks, choppers and special reinforcements like SWAT teams. They can resort to heavy artillery fire too. The most severe crimes will attract Wanted Level five stars. There are some odd instances of penalizing for crimes being inconsistent with what you would expect in real life. Driving through the city, the GTA drivers may hit and kill a pedestrian. Las Santos police rate this as a one star Wanted Level. If a character is caught standing on top of the Mount Chiliad cable car, it will get a Wanted Level two stars.

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It is through such analyses that this curious case of speeding not being counted as a crime in GTA 5 has arisen.

In-Game Time Counter Cited as the Reason

As mentioned, one player points out that if the Las Santos police were to relate the speed of the cars in the game to the in-game time teller, then 90 miles per hour will work out to just 3 miles per hour. This could be the reason why the police see the cars speeding by, but don’t book them.

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Another explanation being offered is that the gameplay in GTA 5 involves players being assigned tasks with a specified time limit. The clash between the real-life minutes and the day being shorter in the game comes into play and alters the speed of cars.

Whatever the reason, it sounds abnormal for someone used to the police chasing and handing down a ticket on any US city road.

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