GTA 6 Leaks Indicate Towards The Presence of Carjacking Feature In The Game

GTA 6 leaks

If this feature is implemented in the game, players would face a greater number of challenges while trying to steal vehicles.

With time, fans are getting more and more excited about Grand Theft Auto 6 and looking forward to see all that the game will offer. There are rumors and GTA 6 leaks pointing out that the game is coming armed with a carjacking feature. Most of the games, which have been released as a part of the GTA franchise, give players the opportunity to do a lot of things with the car, including breaking into it, driving it, or hotwiring it.

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The infamous September 2022 leaks offered a glimpse into an early build of GTA 6 and gave one an idea about what one should expect from it. One of the many things the leaks revealed is that GTA 6 players will need the help of specialized tools to whisk away expensive cars from the streets. It must be mentioned that all this information pertains to an early build of the game. By the time the game comes out in its final form, a lot might have changed. Whether the GTA 6 carjacking feature will be a part of the game or not is something we will get to know once the game is released.

The GTA community put together all the information related to the GTA 6 leak in a document titled ‘The GTA VI Document’ which was uploaded online and made accessible for free. In this document, one can have a close look at the new carjacking features.

One of the bullet points, called the Advanced Hijack Cars system, states that Jason and Lucia, the two protagonists of GTA 6, might not get their hands on the car they wish to steal. They might face a lot of difficulties while trying to steal vehicles featuring advanced locking mechanisms. To steal such cars, they will need specialized tools.

The GTA 6 leaked videos make a mention of the tools that one will require to steal high-end vehicles. Some of the tools mentioned here are tracker jammer, immobilizer bypass, cut off tool, USB drive, slim jim, crowbar and auto dialer. While some of the tools, like the slim jim, have been designed to unlock inexpensive cars, one would need an auto dialer or a tracker jammer to unlock high-end cars.

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The presence of the GTA 6 carjacking feature should make it much more difficult for players to steal cars. Players would be well aware of the fact that every time an attempt to steal a car is made, NPCs get alerted. They, in turn, could end up calling the police. Apart from stealing methods, Rockstar Games is making alterations to the police mechanism. All this will pose a serious challenge to players when they try to steal a car.

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