GTA 6 Pre-Order Will Start On December 12, Claim Reports

GTA 6 Developer

Rockstar Games confirming the arrival of the GTA 6 trailer in December has led to the emergence of rumors about GTA 6 pre-order!

For the longest time, GTA fans were waiting for Rockstar Games to share some official updates about Grand Theft Auto 6. A couple of weeks back, Rockstar Games made an announcement about the GTA 6 trailer releasing in the month of December. This, quite naturally, resulted in fans getting very excited and discussing the game with renewed fervor. Now, one comes across rumors suggesting that the GTA 6 pre-order will start in December.

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The aforementioned rumor stemmed from a conversation that took place between a British retailer and a GTA fan. As per the screenshot, Argos had made a confirmation about the pre-order date. Once this happened, Rockstar Universe, a website that tracks information pertaining to the games developed by Rockstar Games, reached out to Argos Support. Rockstar Universe then stated that GTA 6 would be up for pre-order only after Rockstar makes an official announcement about its release date. At the moment, as we know, Rockstar has only confirmed the launch date of its trailer and hasn’t dropped any hint about when the game could be released.

A couple of weeks back, Rockstar Games, through its Instagram handle, spoke about the gaming studio completing 25 years of its operations and in the same statement, confirmed that GTA 6 would be released next month. The team also expressed its gratitude to the player community and said that the company wouldn’t have come so far without the support of its countless fans and admirers.

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It was in February 2022 that Rockstar finally confirmed the existence of GTA 6. While the gaming studio informed fans that the game was in the development stage, it refrained from sharing any other updates about it for the longest time. Despite this, the various rumors floating around the game kept the fans engaged. One of the most lasting rumors about the game has been it featuring two protagonists inspired by the iconic characters Bonnie and Clyde.

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