GTA Vice City’s Moon Easter Egg: Here’s What It Means

GTA vice city

The blog posts of a former Rockstar Games developer have unveiled the mystery behind this!

Grand Theft Auto III, which came out in the year 2003, is still fondly remembered by fans for its cool graphics and featuring several elements that clearly exemplified the fact that the game was ahead of its time. Playing the game exposed players to several interesting things. Certain things, in particular, were a little weird as well. For instance, when a player would pull out a sniper rifle and take a shot at the moon, the size of the moon would go through an alteration. Fans tried to decode the mystery behind this but failed. Now, a former GTA developer has shed light on why this happened.

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Obbe Vermeji, who used to work with Rockstar Games at one point of time, recently shared some interesting information about the GTA games through a bunch of blogs. The things he wrote on his blog gave fans an idea about how some of the most successful games in the history of gaming were put together. Vermeji later deleted the blog posts but one can, of course, still have a look at them. Through these posts, fans also got an idea about why the weird moon Easter Egg was made a part of games like GTA III, GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City.

A blog post with the title ‘Why does the moon change size when you snipe it’ had the answer to this question. According to Vermeji, artists working on the night sky in GTA III were not sure about the size of the in-game moon.

He further stated that he “placed the moon in the sky” after being given a texture by the artists. Later, some artists from Rockstar North came up to him and asked him if it would be okay to make some changes to the size of the moon. While Vermeji didn’t have an issue with it, he soon realized that different artists had a different take on how big the moon should be.

To ensure that the disagreements didn’t last for long, Vermeji made a suggestion about the size or structure of the moon being changeable. So, what happened was that the moon would transform across three different sizes when the player would pull out their sniper rifle.

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Because of Vermeji, the debate didn’t continue further. Since the code used in GTA III was re-used in GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas, this particular thing popped up in those games as well. Players also witnessed in GTA: Vice City Stories, an action-adventure game jointly developed by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North and released in 2006. With Vermeji making these revelations, fans finally got the answer they had been looking for since the last several years.

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