GTA 5 Was Launched 11 Years Ago: Fans Still Waiting For A Sequel

Grand Theft Auto 5

On November 2, 2011, Rockstar Games unveiled the trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5. The game was eventually launched on September 17, 2013.

GTA 5 became one of the most successful games in recent gaming history and continues to set new records and benchmarks. Keeping Rockstar Games’ release strategies in mind, one knew that it would take a while for the gaming publisher to release the next game in the franchise. However, few would have imagined for the wait to be so long.

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A couple of months back, in February, Rockstar Games finally confirmed that it was working towards developing the next game in the GTA franchise. The announcement made the fans extremely happy. However, fans have also been feeling anxious about the fact that the gaming publisher has refrained from sharing any further updates about the game.

While rumors and leaks keep coming to the fore regularly, Rockstar hasn’t responded to anything. One keeps hearing about Rockstar sharing some major updates every now and then but nothing really happens. When you realize the trailer of GTA 5 was launched way back in 2011, one feels even more anxious about GTA 6 being months or years away from getting an official release.

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Interestingly, Rockstar hasn’t even confirmed the title of the next game in the franchise. Fans and media, of course, refer to it as Grand Theft Auto 6 and one is quite certain that it would be the final title of the game.

Given the expectations surrounding the game and considering the fact that fans are extremely excited about it, it would be wise on Rockstar’s part to share some information about the game that would make fans feel less anxious. This is quite important as some of the information floating around has made fans skeptical about how the game would turn out to be.

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