GTA 6 – Rockstar May Have to Make Provisions for a Larger Map

GTA 6 Map

There is no certainty yet on the release schedule for the next iteration of the Grand Theft Auto game GTA 6.

However, that has not stopped the fans from allowing their imagination to run wild and make suggestions to the studio. One of the new suggestions is to make the map larger than it is in GTA 5 to help fans explore expanded geography in the game.

Suggestions on the Layout of the Cities and the Landscape

Besides the size of the map, there are suggestions that the overall background should be improved and made to appear cool. There have only been rumors so far on what the possible locations are going to be. It is expected there will be the Vice City and later the South American city of Rio de Janeiro and perhaps Liberty city as well.

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Regular players of the GTA games may be familiar with the fact that both Vice City and Liberty City have made their appearances on GTA earlier. In 2006, Rockstar had released GTA: Vice City Stories and Liberty City was part of GTA 4. However, it is not required that the two cities will carry the same appearance and layout in GTA 6. Total transformation will be seen. The Grand Theft Auto games keep traveling back and forth on the time period as well.

GTA 6 Rockstar

More Wishes Expressed

That GTA 6 currently under development is going to be a ‘large game’ has more or less been settled through multiple revelations. This is one reason the fans are saying let’s have a larger map. The fans wish that though the Vice City is inspired by Miami, it can bring in additions like mountains and some green cover to make the appearance more pleasing to the eye. Their take is, in any case, these are imaginary places and should hardly matter if such additions were to be made.

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If you go through the posts on this on Reddit you will find many more such suggestions and expectations expressed by the fans. These may be treated as wishful thinking or just plain constructive recommendations to Rockstar. It does no harm to respond to customers’ feedback in any trade. These fans play the game day-in and day-out and want GTA 6 to be more immersive. Purely from Rockstar’s perspective too, it is a huge challenge to create a new game that can beat GTA 5’s popularity and new ideas coming from all sides must be welcome.

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