GTA 6 Screenshot and Gameplay Leaked on Twitter Gets Taken Down By Rockstar Games

GTA 6 Developer

The now-deleted gameplay and screenshot of GTA 6 featured Lucia and Jason, the two protagonists in the game.

Many thought that GTA fans would feel a little more relaxed after Rockstar Games dropped the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6. The first official trailer of GTA 6 was launched in December last year and it created a lot of ripple in the gaming world. It gave fans an idea about what they should expect from the game. However, instead of making fans calmer, it intensified their need to know more about the game.

Since GTA 6 is confirmed to get a release in 2025, one expects Rockstar Games to launch new marketing material towards the latter half of this year. What fans have been a little upset about is that Rockstar Games has been too secretive about the game. While everybody knew Rockstar Games was working on the development process of GTA 6 for the longest time, the gaming studio confirmed that in February 2022. After that, it remained largely quiet on the game until the first trailer was dropped towards the end of last year.

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To express their disappointment with Rockstar Games, fans have drawn parallels with the marketing strategy adopted by Hideo Kojima for their upcoming game Death Stranding 2: On The Beach. The game, just like GTA 6, is supposed to be released in 2025 but does not have a release date yet. However, the gaming studio has been releasing trailers, teases and other material quite regularly.

One of the things Rockstar Games has confirmed about GTA 6 is that it is in the final stages of development. Though news about GTA 6 being one of the most expensive video games of all time is a rumor, there is a good possibility of it being true. The game should make a huge splash as and when it releases. However, it would have been nice if Rockstar had shared some updates about it officially once in a couple of months.

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Recently, a slew of gameplay leaks compelled Rockstar Games to make it compulsory for its employees to work from the office five days a week. Despite this, leaks have happened. Recently, a Twitter user, who goes by the handle @Dead_Light69, leaked gameplay footage on the platform and captioned it, “Posting one GTA VI leak every day till trailer two is released. Day 64.”

Needless to say, Rockstar got the video removed from the platform within a few hours of it being uploaded. This deleted clip reportedly showed the two protagonists in the game engaged in some action.

Given the fact that leaks continue to happen, Rockstar is expected to take further measures to ensure no material related to GTA 6 goes out. The gaming studio has been extremely secretive about the game and shared updates once in a blue moon. Now that the game is getting closer to its release window, fans hope that it will be a little less discreet.

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