Minecraft Bedrock Update Brings In New Experimental Features In The Game

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft players can start activating these experimental features and start trying them out right away!

For its Bedrock edition, Minecraft has launched a new update that alters the Wolves significantly. It has also added new experimental features to the game. Fans should also be happy about the fact that bug fixes and several other improvements have been added to the game through this Minecraft Bedrock update. The last major Minecraft update had already made some changes to the mob.

Eight new Wolf variants have been added to the game through a new Minecraft Preview update. Each of these wolves, interestingly, has been given a theme that is related to a biome. Each of the variants features a distinctive coat that is designed to match the biome. Some of the variants, however, also boast different pack sizes.

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The Striped Wolf and a few other variants spawn in packs of four to eight. The Snowy Wolf variant, on the other hand, spawns on its own. In recent times, Wolves have emerged as one of the integral elements in the traditional gameplay of Minecraft. This is one of the primary reasons why additional changes have been made to the popular mob by Mojang.

Update 1.20.70/71, which has been designed for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, improves the health of the Wolves significantly. The three experimental features brought in by this update can be activated by the players. One of the experimental features is the Wind Charge, which happens to be a newly designed ranged weapon by Breezes. This particular weapon fires a projectile that knocks off enemies and takes care of the damage that takes place after a direct impact.

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Another experimental feature brought by the Minecraft Bedrock update is called the Bogged Skeletons. This can be best described as a mob variant that is capable of firing poisonous arrows. Vault Block is the third experimental feature that has been placed in the Trial Chambers of Minecraft.

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