This New Sims 5 Leak Raises Concern Among Fans

The Sims 5

Fans are concerned that they could face some playability issues with the game once it is out.

A Sims 5 leak, which has come to the fore recently, has left the fans worried. Fans are now concerned whether Electronic Arts and Maxis have the right strategy in mind for the game. They are wondering whether it would match up to the earlier games in the franchise.

In October 2022, Electronic Arts made an official announcement about the fifth game in the Sims franchise which was being developed under the codename Project Rene. The gaming studio also offered some glimpses of furniture customization that was already incorporated in an alpha build of the game.

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In the last several months, one has come across several leaks pertaining to Project Rene. One of the reasons behind these Sims 5 leaks is Maxis playtesting the game in closed alpha. Leakers, therefore, have not had too much difficulty finding material to leak.

Now, a cropped screenshot has resulted in the Sims 5 or Project Rene being in the news again. In this screenshot, one can see a two-person portrait that is expected to be a part of The Sims 5. Though the picture has not been rendered in real-time and seems to be a form of auxiliary artwork, fans have observed that the two characters are massively stylized. Fans were expecting The Sims 5 to feature a realistic art style. However, this new leak suggests EA could have something else in mind.

Pr0ject Rennee sims leak – seems like we’ll have the most cartoonish sims ever. Thoughts?
byu/Sincerely-A inthesims

The screenshot has led to fans speculating several different things about the game. Many fans now believe that The Sims 5 is being designed as a multi-platform game that one would be able to play on a wide range of devices ranging from PC to new-age consoles. By showcasing the furniture customization in the game in the past, EA had already ensured fans that the game would run smoothly across different platforms. Now, this new Sims 5 leak makes fans further hopeful about the game being available to be played on most devices and consoles out there.

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If we take the fan theories into account, one has to assume that the developers have opted for a cartooney art style and are incorporating exaggerated features in the game that would make an impression even on small-sized mobile screens. Fans, however, are not too convinced and are worried that the developers incorporating these features might lead to some issues while playing the game on some platforms.

Once The Sims 5 comes out, one will have a better idea about its playability and compatibility with multiple platforms. While speculations around the game continue to be made, what one is certain about is the fact that it will be launched as a free-to-play title. EA has assured fans that it will continue to work towards making The Sims 4 exciting by adding expansion packs to it.

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