GTA 6 Setting Could Confirm a Theory Related To Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA 6 concept maps

If a rumored GTA 6 setting is found to be a part of the game, it could confirm the speculations surrounding a widely discussed Red Dead Redemption 2 theory!

With time, fans are getting more excited about Grand Theft Auto 6. They are also feeling extremely anxious has Rockstar Games has refrained from sharing any relevant information about the game. While unconfirmed rumors and leaks have given fans an idea of what the game could offer them, the gaming publisher has firmly remained silent on this.

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While various aspects of GTA 6 have been discussed extensively, one thing that has received a lot of attention is its rumored setting. While many gaming experts are sure about the presence of this setting, there has been no official confirmation on it. However, if this setting actually is a part of GTA 6, it would draw the conclusion to a debate which Rockstar fans have been engaging in for a long time.

Those who have read the various reports on the setting of GTA 6 would know that there has been a lot of conversation around the game being based in Vice City. Since a good number of leakers and insiders have stated this, many fans have no doubt left in their mind about Vice City serving as the setting for GTA 6. Vice City was introduced to the first time in the GTA franchise in the year 2006. Since then, it became one of the most favorite in-game destinations for GTA fans.

Since a lot of expectations are riding on the game and many expect it to bring about a revolution in the gaming industry, the stakes are quite high. If Vice City, indeed, turns out to be the setting for GTA 6, one can be sure about the fact that the city will be showcased like never before. The reports, which have pointed towards GTA 6 being set in Vice City, have also asserted that many locations outside the city, like the Latin American Islands, will be explored in the game as well.

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Now, the setting of Vice City has an interesting connection with a much-discussed topic pertaining to Red Dead Redemption 2. If GTA 6 is set in Vice City, it would confirm the Red Dead Redemption 2 theory and validate those who believed in it all this while.

In the fifth chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2, players would get a little confused while being transported from the New Austin’s plains to an unknown location. A while after being transported there, players would discover that it is Guarma’s Caribbean Island. The island, among other things, is known for its wildlife and natural beauty.

What’s interesting is that only a single chapter in the game is dedicated to this location. Players would often wonder why somebody would create this location for such little use. Now, with rumors about GTA 6 being set in Vice City getting stronger, fans are quite convinced that RDR 2 served as a testing ground for this location which would now be explored optimally in GTA 6.

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