PlayStation Showcase 2023 Lacked First Party Titles, No News in Sight

PlayStation Showcase 2023

PlayStation Showcase 2023 was a popular event because Sony skipped E3 because the show was canceled and hosted its own announcement.

As with the norms, they showed lots of game trailers and many of them were AA titles. The big one on the list is obviously Spiderman 2 with dual spiderman.

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Spiderman 2 which is supposed to be the big savior of the PlayStation 5 console is going nowhere because, in terms of graphics, it looked pretty much the same as Spiderman. The original game was released on old-generation consoles including PS4 and with some tweaks on PS5. When everyone was expecting a truly next-generation game years after the official launch of the console, it seems like a disappointment.

People stood for hours to purchase the PS5 but so far the games are all remastered from the original including Uncharted, God of War and now the upcoming Spiderman 2. They are all older titles with sub par graphics when compared with what new-generation games could actually deliver. Apart from that, during the PlayStation Showcase 2023 they didn’t have any compelling first-party titles as well to keep the console generation going. It looks a lot like how Xbox showcases so many games but has very few console sellers in its lineup.

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Critics have already started rating the overall event. Sony did their best to come up with all the games they could showcase in the show. While times have changed which clearly indicated that many of those games will be available on PC as well, it still doesn’t have those games from the past that sold consoles non-stop. Titles like God of War, Spiderman, or Uncharted are no longer enough to keep the business going. The PlayStation Showcase 2023 was a decent yet lackluster show overall much to the disappointment of gamers.

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