Red Dead Redemption Remaster: Rockstar Games Drops An Important Clue About The Game

Red Dead Redemption 2

Those who had been wanting to know something important about the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption finally have something to have a look at!

Since the last few years, Red Dead Redemption fans had been waiting for a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption. The first Red Dead Redemption game was launched by Rockstar Games in 2010. The multiplayer action-adventure game became an instant hit with gamers and was lauded for its gripping plot, high-end visuals and excellent playability.

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Red Dead Redemption 2, which came out in the year 2018, went on to become a very successful game as well. Red Dead Online, the online counterpart of the game, was released the next year. Based in a reimagined version of the United States, Red Dead Online received a lot of appreciation for its well-designed open-world environment. One of the things players were very happy about was the fact that they could customize the characters as per their preference.

Though Rockstar hasn’t shared any confirmation or update, there has been a lot of excitement about the remastered version of the original Red Dead Redemption game. In the last few days, one came across several reports suggesting that the gaming publisher would make a formal announcement about the Red Dead Redemption Remaster soon.

Despite Rockstar maintaining silence on this subject, certain developments have got the fans excited. While gaming reported Colin Moriarty confidently asserted that fans would get to play the game very soon, the South Korean ratings board went ahead and upgraded the rating for RDR.

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Recently, fans noticed that the official website of Rockstar Games has been updated and a new reference can be seen in the games list. All this suggests that the gaming publisher could be making a new announcement very soon.

As pointed out by leaker Tez2, a new reference was included in the game list of the website under the name of “Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver)”. “RDR1RSP” is the codename and everybody seems to be talking about it in the community forums. Though Rockstar hasn’t spoken a word about the RDR remaster, fans are hopeful that an official announcement about it will be made soon.

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