GTA 6 Trailer 2 Release Date: Rockstar Games Could Soon Make An Announcement

GTA 6 Trailer 2

After the launch of the first trailer of GTA 6 last year, fans have been keenly looking forward to the next trailer.

For a very long time, Rockstar Games remained quiet about Grand Theft Auto 6. While leaks and rumors kept pouring in, the gaming company decided not to speak about the game. Finally, in December 2023, Rockstar launched the first trailer of GTA 6 and now it’s expected that Rockstar will announce GTA 6 trailer 2 pretty soon.

The trailer was received very well by fans. Apart from giving them an idea about the world GTA 6 is set in, it also made them aware of the scale at which the game has been mounted. After watching the first trailer, the one question that started playing in the minds of fans is when Rockstar will release the second trailer of GTA 6.

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Many fans tagged Rockstar Games on their social media accounts and requested them to share some updates on the second GTA 6 trailer. Since one has to wait many more months for GTA 6 to release, it makes perfect sense for Rockstar to release GTA 6 trailer 2.

As per recent developments, there is a good possibility of trailer 2 releasing soon. There is a possibility that the second trailer of GTA 6 will be released around the same time as the next GTA Online DLC is launched. The reason behind some people coming up with this theory is that the first GTA 6 trailer coincided with the launch of a new DLC. If Rockstar decides to stick to this pattern, there is a good possibility of the second GTA 6 trailer and a new DLC releasing simultaneously.

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Though Rockstar has not shared any update on GTA 6 trailer 2, the gaming studio has given some details on the gaming title’s release date. As per the gaming studio, GTA 6 will be launched sometime in the fall of 2025. During the game’s initial launch, it will be made available on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. A PC release is expected to take place the following year.

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