GTA 6 Trailer 2 Leak: How It Unfolded

GTA Online Summer Update 2024

Though a leak has happened in the past, fans are still waiting for Rockstar Games to share some updates about GTA 6 trailer 2.

In February 2022, Rockstar Games officially confirmed that it was working on developing the next game in the GTA franchise. While one had been hearing Grand Theft Auto 6 for a long time, this confirmation from Rockstar Games got the fans further excited. While rumors and unconfirmed reports started pouring in more regularly, Rockstar did not share any further updates about the game. Once the first trailer of GTA 6 launched on December 5 last year, fans got some idea about the world in which the game is set. After the arrival of the first trailer, fans started waiting for GTA 6 trailer 2 to arrive.

The reason fans started looking forward to GTA 6 trailer 2 is that there is still a lot of time for GTA 6 to be launched. To ensure the gaming community continues to remain interested in the game, there is a possibility of Rockstar releasing another trailer for the game.

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In September 2022, an early build of the game was leaked online. Through this leak, fans got some idea about what they should expect from the game. The leakage of this development footage resulted in Rockstar suffering from a lot of stress. Now, an online user, who identifies themselves with the handle @zachxbt, has stated that the leak was caused by somebody called Skenkir. During this infamous leak, the GTA 6 trailer 2 seemed to have leaked as well.

As per the allegations made by @zachxbt, Skenkir got access to an admin panel of YouTube and because of that, they received access to the unlisted trailer. One also came across screenshots of Telegram messages featuring discussions on where the video will be posted and adding a watermark to it.

The leaked trailer featured a screenshot indicating the release window which happens to be Fall 2025. This particular information was earlier shared by Rockstar Games. As per the timeline shared by @zachxbt, the leaked video seemed to have gone live at 21:58 UTC. The date, however, remains undisclosed. Owing to this, Rockstar felt implored to release the trailer before schedule.

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Rockstar Games had acknowledged the leak and took immediate steps to get all the leaked material off the internet. It also took the requisite steps to ensure the account behind this leak was suspended. After the occurrence of this leak, Rockstar took additional measures to ensure no such leak happened in the future.

Amidst all this, fans continue to wait for GTA 6 trailer 2. Till now, Rockstar has not shared any update about the second trailer of GTA 6. There were rumors about the second trailer being showcased at the upcoming Summer Game Fest 2024 event. However, the gaming studio has shot down these rumors by calling them false and baseless. If a second trailer for GTA 6 arrives, one can expect it to give us deeper insights into the world of GTA 6.

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