Fortnite Leak Suggests Fans Will Get To Try Out Weapon X Skin Soon

Fortnite Weapon X

Fortnite fans have always lapped up Marvel Universe content and therefore, one expects them to look forward to this as well.

Fortnite has often turned towards the Marvel Universe to get content for crossovers. This has resulted in fans getting the opportunity to explore a variety of skins. Skins based on popular X-Men have always been a hit with Fortnite fans. According to a recent Fortnite leak, a new X-men-themed skin will be launched next month. This particular crossover would have the Weapon X version of Wolverine. Fans will get to explore several other items as well.

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Crossovers have often worked well in the gaming space. And, one company that has been doing crossovers very well is Epic Games. One title by the gaming studio, in particular, has seen many crossovers happening. Fortnite is the game one is referring to here. From Dragon Ball Z to Star Wars, the game has had crossovers with several titles and properties. Once every couple of weeks, one can expect to see a new collaboration or crossover happening in the game.

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The aforementioned Fortnite leak has come from an X user who identifies themselves as ShiinaBR. In the last few years, this particular user has been the source behind several prominent leaks pertaining to Fortnite. While the leaker seems to be extremely confident about the claims they are making here, no official has come from Epic Games as yet. Since most of the leaks put forward by ShiinaBR in the past have proved to be authentic, fans are bound to take note of this as well.

At the moment, there are rumors about Weapon X arriving at the Fortnite shop on July 5th. Hypex, another leaker, has stated that Weapon X will be in the item shop from July 2nd to July 5th. Whether this has been included in the Fortnite calendar or not is something time will tell.

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