GTA 6 Trailer Announcement Leads To Fans Wondering About The Fate of GTA Online

GTA 6 Leak

The arrival of GTA 6 could lead to Rockstar Games making some alterations to GTA Online!

When Grand Theft Auto 6 launches, many Grand Theft Auto Online players might want to carry forward their character onto the former. However, if a new rumor is anything to go by, they will not be allowed to do that. A while back, Rockstar Games confirmed that the first GTA 6 Trailer will be out in December. Those who have been familiar with the dynamics of the games in the GTA series must have certain expectations from GTA 6. It seems fans would have to make certain alterations in their expectations.

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One look at the numbers on streaming platforms like Twitch and one would know that GTA Online has been one of the well-received multiplayer titles ever. A large number of players, from different parts of the world, spend several hours exploring all that the multiplayer game has to offer. The online community of the game also has a reputation for experimenting with GTA role-playing servers. While GTA Online has played an important role in taking the GTA franchise forward, one can expect certain adjustments to be made to it once GTA 6 launches.

Once Rockstar shared an official confirmation about the trailer of GTA 6 releasing in December, fans were extremely happy. However, one also came across discussions taking place in online forums about the fate of GTA Online. Since GTA Online had been designed as the multiplayer version of GTA 5, many fans started feeling worried about it not getting enough attention from Rockstar once GTA 6 releases.

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Many fans also expressed concern over their GTA Online character being discontinued. Many started believing that they would have to put together a new character once GTA 6 releases. However, Rockstar has not dropped any such hints so far. Rockstar is very much aware of the relevance of GTA Online in today’s gaming world and therefore, one doesn’t expect it to do anything that would result in its player base shrinking down. Even if it upgrades GTA Online or makes some changes in its dynamics, one expects it to keep the sentiments of the fans in mind.

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