GTA 6 Trailer Will Be Launched In December

AI in GTA 6

Fans won’t have to wait for long to see the GTA 6 trailer as it is likely to be out soon!

In February 2022, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on the next installment in the GTA franchise. While it has been less than two years since Rockstar confirmed GTA 6’s existence, the game has been in the development process for a longer period of time.

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Though one has been coming across leaks and rumored information pertaining to GTA 6 on a regular basis, Rockstar has largely refrained from sharing anything about the game. This led to fans making speculations about the game and wondering when Rockstar would share some information or updates about it.

In online communities, fans would often discuss and try to figure out when Rockstar will release a GTA 6 trailer. One saw fan-made trailers floating on the internet and that served as a testimony to the fact that the craze for the game is getting intensified with each passing day.

Now, Rockstar has finally shared some updates about GTA 6. As per the gaming studio, a GTA 6 trailer will be unveiled in December. Since we are in November already, fans should look forward to their wait coming to an end very soon. Once the trailer launches, one will also have some clarity about the kind of content the game will cover. After the trailer is dropped, one also expects the hype around the game to grow manifold.

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In the last couple of months, the hype around GTA 6 has gone to another level. One has come across a wide range of reports pertaining to the game including the ones which stated that it will feature two protagonists based on the iconic characters Bonnie & Clyde. One of these characters, as per the reports, will have the distinction of being the first-ever female protagonist in a GTA game. There have also been reports suggesting that Vice City, a fictionalized take on Miami City, will serve as the primary location in the game.

This year, GTA 5 completed a decade of its release. The 2013-launched game has emerged as one of the most successful gaming titles of all time and proved to be a major success story for Rockstar Games. With the game celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, there couldn’t have been a better year to launch the trailer of GTA 6.

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