GTA 6 Might Not Feature a Crypto Component

GTA 6 crypto

Because of SEC regulations and other factors, Rockstar might not introduce any crypto element in GTA 6 in the near future!

Now that Rockstar Games has shared an official confirmation about a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer being launched in December, the expectations around the game have reached another level. While fans are curious about the various aspects of GTA 6, there are many who are wondering whether the game would feature in-game cryptocurrency.

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In the last few years, one has seen several important collaborations taking place between the gaming and crypto industries. While many gaming studios have incorporated elements of in-game cryptocurrency in their titles, very few have managed to carry this out successfully. It is important to note here that different gaming studios have reacted to this technology differently. While video game platform Steam has banned crypto, Epic Games is making a conscious effort to make crypto a part of many of its activities.

For a while, one has been hearing about rumors stating that there will be some crypto element in GTA 6. Recently, Ubisoft and Immutable made an announcement about putting together a “new gaming experience” that is being designed to showcase the potential of Web3.

While many fans want Rockstar to bring in some crypto element in GTA 6, there are some who believe that the gaming studio would not take any step forward in this direction. Since Rockstar Games happens to be a multimillion-dollar gaming company with its base in the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC will monitor its activities very closely and that could complicate certain things for the gaming studio. Legally, there is some grey area there and therefore, there is a good possibility of Rockstar not experimenting with crypto elements in the near future.

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Since SEC has been quite aggressive in implementing rules and regulations around crypto, things could be extremely complicated by the time Rockstar introduces some crypto elements in GTA 6. Recently, through a no-action letter, the SEC stated that fixed-price in-game tokens do not qualify to be securities as they are used for the purpose of game utility.

Since the development process of GTA 6 would be consuming a lot of time and energy already, Rockstar might be a little wary of trying out something new with the game in the near future. At the moment, there is no clarity on when GTA 6 will get a release. Rockstar also has the option of introducing crypto elements in the game at a later stage when it is ready to do so.

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