GTA 6 Trailer Gets Recreated In Minecraft; What’s New?

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The recreated trailer, while having the essence of the original GTA 6 trailer, features several elements from Minecraft.

When the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 was launched in the month of December last year, it broke several records. A large number of fans have watched it multiple times and are now keenly looking forward to Rockstar Games releasing more material related to the game. Fans got so enthusiastic that many of them started recreating the trailer and presenting it in different forms.

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The GTA 6 trailer has now been recreated in Minecraft by a YouTuber who identifies themselves as Boranium Art. While the video kicks off the way the original trailer did, its art style is similar to that of Minecraft. Several important shots from the original Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, including the color of the sky and the movement of the water, have been reproduced quite well in this one too.

The recreated trailer has several elements that are synonymous with Minecraft. The character models, vehicles, flora and fauna in the trailer have been designed keeping in mind the theme. The crocodiles, which one witnessed in the original trailer, have been depicted as the Zombie mob in this recreated trailer. In the original trailer, one saw the old man watering the plants. Here, one can see him splashing the water on the plants. Instead of money, Lucia tries to run away with diamonds. To put it in simple words, this recreated trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 has a Minecraft touch to it.

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Those who have seen the trailer so far, have spoken well of it. According to most fans, the creator has added some interesting elements while retaining the essence of the original GTA 6 trailer. This particular creator had also recreated the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer recently.

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