Next GTA 6 Trailer to be Released in May, Suggests a New Leak

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As per the information provided by an X user, the next GTA 6 trailer will drop in the month of May!

It has been more than a decade since Grand Theft Auto 5, the last game in the GTA franchise, released. Though it has now been confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be launched sometime in 2025, fans continue to feel anxious. We are, after all, in the early months of 2025 and one has to wait quite a while to play the game. While GTA 6 leaks and rumors have kept fans engaged, they continue to look for some concrete information or update to be shared by Rockstar Games.

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The first official trailer of GTA 6, which was launched last year, left everybody impressed. Apart from giving an indication that GTA 6 would feature excellent graphics, the teaser also made one expect a gripping narrative in the game. After fans were done watching the trailer multiple times and absorbing all that it had to offer, a new question popped up in their head, when will the next trailer of GTA 6 release?

According to an X user, who identifies themselves with the handle @GTAVI_Countdown, the second GTA 6 trailer will arrive in the month of May. As per the X user, the announcement made by Rockstar Games at this point will also give fans some concrete idea about when the game will release. This announcement, according to this GTA 6 leak, would take place before the final quarter earnings call by Take-Two Interactive comes through.

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Though Rockstar Games has not reacted to this GTA 6 leak yet, there is a fair chance of this information turning out to be true. Since the first trailer of GTA 6 came out in December, launching the second trailer in May makes perfect sense as there would be a good gap between the two.

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