GTA 6 Upcoming Features Allegedly Leaked; Here’s the List!

GTA 6 Wallpaper

All the GTA games of the past have impressed gamers to a great extent and the upcoming GTA 6 is not likely to be any different.

There have been several rumors about the game recently and one leak by a Redditor who goes by the name Well_Look_Whos_Back has revealed some features that the game is likely to have. Interestingly, the same user leaked the song that was used in the first trailer of the Grand Theft Auto 6 game before it went live.

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New Features in GTA 6

The information posted by the Redditor was shared by a user @GTAVI_Countdown on the popular X platform. The leak indicates that the upcoming GTA 6 will be far better than earlier versions of the game that players have checked out earlier.

Some new features that gamers will see for the first time in GTA 6 are dual welding, harder carjacking, and basketball (3vs3). The game will also portray gore and dismemberment ability as well as three sunset shades. These shades are purple, orange, and pink. The new GTA 6 features will contribute to a more immersive gaming experience. Interestingly, the gaming community has been looking forward to these features and gameplay mechanics and has been raising their requests to the developer Rockstar Games to include features like basketball in the upcoming GTA 6.

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The post also mentioned that a previous footage of the game that was leaked earlier highlighted an older build that would not be seen in the final product. This has raised some hope in fans who were annoyed with the first online leaks.

Map Details and Size

The Redditor user went on to add that the original details and size of the route map of GTA 6 will be unavailable to players and they will have to wait until when the game is finally released to know what the true scale of the map is. This is interesting as a couple of rumors have already gone around citing that the game will involve three main cities with Vice City being one of them.

The Mystery of u/Well_Look_Whos_Back
byu/AnaxesR7 inGTA6

Some gamers believe that the Well_Look_Whos_Back Redditor is a part of the development team at Rockstar Games and letting out inside information to GTA fans. Some others believe that the Redditor is the hacker who was responsible for releasing the gameplay footage earlier. There is no way to confirm who the Redditor is at this time.

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