GTA 6: New AI Patent By Take-Two Interactive Gets Fans Curious


Fans believe some of the visuals in the GTA 6 trailer were created using AI technology!

After releasing the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 in December last year, Rockstar Games has largely remained quiet on the game. That, of course, has not stopped fans from speculating. Since the game is slated to release sometime in 2025, fans have a lot of time to discuss GTA 6 and think about all that it will offer them. Recently, fans stumbled upon an AI-linked patent by Take-Two Interactive and that got them more curious about the game.

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This particular patent features a method pertaining to virtual navigation in a dedicated gaming environment. This patent has given fans an inkling of high-end technology being used in the game. Since AI is the buzzword these days, there is a good possibility of Rockstar Games integrating it in GTA 6 to make the game more exciting for players.

The visuals, which players came across in the official trailer of GTA 6, played an important role in increasing their excitement for the game. The trailer made it evident that Rockstar had put in a lot of effort to ensure the game lives up to the massive expectations fans have from it. Fans have also found a connection with the trailer and the new AI patent by the gaming studio.

In the trailer, one witnessed some nuanced NPC interactions. Fans now believe that these were a result of this AI technology that Rockstar has patented. The trailer featured some interesting visuals like NPCs using a mobile phone to capture some moments and people on the beach having drinks. Fans feel AI technology was at work here because of the way these visuals have been designed.

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The gaming industry, like every other industry, is trying to understand the intricacies involved in AI technology. While many gaming studios have already begun the process of integrating AI technology in their titles, it would be interesting to see if Rockstar experiments with this technology in GTA 6. GTA 6, needless to say, is one of the most awaited gaming titles at the moment. If AI technology is used in it and it works well, it will be used in several other games as well.

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