GTA 6: Vice City Setting of The Game Will Mark The Comeback of an Important Location

GTA vice city

If the rumors about GTA 6 being set in Vice City turn out to be true, fans will get to see another major location being included in the much-awaited game!

While there is a lot of hype around Grand Theft Auto 6, fans do not have much of an idea about what it will offer them. After confirming the development of the game in February last year, Rockstar Games didn’t share any information about it. This, of course, has not stopped the rumors and leaks from coming around. However, Rockstar hasn’t shared anything important about the game and that’s why fans are a little unsure of what they should expect from it.

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Ever since fans got to know that Rockstar is working on the sixth iteration of the GTA franchise, one of the things they had been really wanting to know about is the location where the game will be set. Reports about the game being set in Vice City have been floated around for a while.

If the rumors about the game being set in Vice City turn out to be true, players will also get the opportunity to revisit an iconic location from the franchise in GTA 6. This particular location is said to be the Vercetti estate which happens to be a large and notorious criminal compound.

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Since reports indicate that GTA 6 is set in the present times, the events depicted in the game will be 40 years ahead of the narrative one saw unfolding in GTA: Vice City. Though the game will continue to have some prominent criminal elements like its predecessors, one expects to see a shift in the way the criminal enterprise in Vice City operates when GTA 6 releases.

Because of Ray Liotta’s death in 2022, there is a slim chance of Tommy being shown in Vice City in GTA 6. However, the mobster’s massive mansion could very well make an appearance in the game. The presence of this mansion should add to the visual appeal of the game.

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