GTA 6 Insider Claims Announcement About The Game Will Happen Soon

GTA 6 insider

If the claims made by a GTA 6 insider are to be believed, GTA 6 will be officially announced soon!

Stating that Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most awaited games in years would be stating the obvious. A recently occurred incident served as a testimony to the fact that the craze or hype for the game is real. A fan crashed the stage of the Gamescom event and put across his demand for GTA 6 to be released soon.

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The aforementioned act by the fan, perhaps, reflects the sentiments of a large number of GTA fans across the world who are waiting with bated breath for the next installment in the franchise to arrive. The game, as and when it releases, is bound to create a splash in the gaming world.

While Rockstar confirmed that it was working on the next iteration in the GTA franchise early last year, it has not shared any update after that. Right now, a large number of fans wish for Rockstar to make an official announcement about the game or reveal its first look. Till now, Rockstar has not even confirmed its title.

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Tez2, one of the most prominent GTA leakers, has now claimed that Rockstar is in the process of lining up things and the gaming studio could announce the game very soon. According to the GTA 6 insider, Rockstar has put together an elaborate plan for the official announcement of the game. Tez2 believes that Rockstar could launch a GTA 6 trailer this year. Since only four months are left for this year to come to an end, players shouldn’t have to wait too long to see a trailer.

Tez 2

Tez2 has also claimed that GTA Online will be a part of the all-important reveal that Rockstar has planned. When the announcement finally happens, Rockstar could be unveiling a new collectible or well-structured hunt for GTA Online players. According to the leaker, Rockstar could also organize an even around Cayo Perico to tease fans about VI. In the past, Rockstar seemed to have used elements like aliens and UFOs to tease GTA 6.

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