GTA 6: What Leaked Footage Has Shown So Far


Though Rockstar Games has tried its best to keep every important information pertaining to the game under wraps, GTA 6 leaked footage has given fans some idea about the game.

For years, fans had been discussing GTA 6 and all that the game could offer them. Finally, last year in February, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on developing the next iteration of the GTA franchise. While the title of the game has not been announced as yet, fans are quite certain about the fact that it will be named Grand Theft Auto 6.

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After confirming that the next game in the GTA franchise is being developed, Rockstar went quiet on the game. Some footage from an early build of the game got leaked last year and it, quite naturally, generated a lot of excitement amongst fans. Though the footage was from an early build and a lot could change by the time the game is released, it played a role in making fans a little less anxious about the game.

Based on the GTA 6 leaked footage, there are a few things that fans are expecting from the game. One of the elements that fans expect to see in the much-awaited game is enterable buildings. As per the leaks emerged so far, GTA 6 would have a good number of apartments, supermarkets, pawn shops, restaurants, and other interestingly designed buildings. These locations would also serve as the base for engaging in nefarious activities like robberies and thefts.

The GTA games released so far have featured one playable character. That is all set to change with GTA 6 as the game is expected to have two playable characters. These two playable characters, as per the leaks, are named Jason and Lucia and are very similar to the popular characters Bonnie and Clyde. This will also be the first time a female protagonist will be seen in a GTA game.

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According to reports, GTA 6 will borrow some elements from Red Dead Redemption 2. Just like the latter, the sixth iteration in the GTA franchise will feature a witness and police recognition system. The game will have another Red Dead Redemption 2 inspired feature in the form of an Eagle Eye system. With the help of this system, players would be able to highlight certain items like jewelry pieces, cameras and safes.

GTA 6 is also expected to offer a lot of exploration opportunities to those who are interested in hacking and related activities. Reports have indicated that GTA 6 borrowed several hacking based elements from Watch Dogs, the action-adventure gaming franchise developed by Ubisoft. According to a leak, Lucia, one of the two protagonists, will be seen moving around with devices like an auto dialer, tracker jammer, USB drive and an immobilizer bypass.

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