New GTA 6 Screenshot Offers a Glimpse of Massive City In The Game

GTA 6 leak

The new GTA 6 screenshot, which also gives an idea about the scale of the much-awaited game, has left the fans impressed!

While there is no clarity on when Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released, the anticipation for the game continues to get more intense with time. Since Rockstar Games refuses to share any official update about the game, fans latch on to whatever information comes their way through leakers or insiders.

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Last year, in February, Rockstar Games made an official announcement about working on the development process of the next iteration in the GTA series. After that, as one is aware, the gaming studio decided not to share anything about the game. Last year, the infamous GTA 6 gameplay leaks depicted an early build of the game. The material, which came to the fore as a part of the leak, entertained those fans who were eagerly waiting to get some updates about the game.

After the aforementioned leak spread like wildfire, Rockstar took necessary measures to get all the leaked content off the internet. However, some of the leaked material continues to resurface online and get fans discussing the game with renewed vigor. Now, a snippet from the game is being circulated in the online space again.

A Redditor, who identifies themselves as HiiGuardian, shared a screenshot of the leaked gameplay that makes one believe that the open world of GTA 6 will be huge. This, of course, was something fans were expecting since Rockstar has been developing the game for years. When a game goes through the development process over a long period of time, the one thing you expect it to have is scale. And, given the kind of scale the games in the GTA franchise have had, one expects GTA 6 to be mounted on a huge scale as well.

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It is important to mention the fact that this particular screenshot is from a build of the game which is in the development process at the moment. Therefore, there is a good chance of it undergoing a change by the time the game finally releases. However, there is very little possibility of the game getting scaled down.

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