Persona 6: Leaker Shares Major Update About The Game and Its Spin-Off

Persona 6

A leaker, who has proved to be quite accurate with their predictions in the past, have given some information about the release plans for the upcoming role-playing game.

Those who have been fans of the Persona franchise have been wondering for a while as to when the next game in the franchise will arrive. There has been a lot of speculation around the release date of Persona 6. While some gaming experts have been of the opinion that the role-playing game will come out towards the end of 2024, many believe that Atlus will take longer to be ready with the game.

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Recent leaks suggest that Persona 6 will be released a little later than most people expect it to. Persona 5, which was launched way back in 2016, proved to be a major success for Atlus and played an important role in the growth of the franchise. The success of Persona 5, in fact, is one of the primary reasons why many are waiting with bated breath to get the opportunity to try out Persona 5.

Though it has been seven years since Persona 5 was released, one has not come across too many updates pertaining to Persona 6. Most of the information fans have received so far has come through leaks and rumors. While Atlus has organized many major Persona events in the past, no mention of Persona 6 has been made by it.

According to a leaker who identifies themselves as I’m A Hero Too, the much-anticipated game is “a bit further away” than many expect it to. As per the leaker, Persona 6 won’t be seeing a release for itself in 2024. The leaker didn’t share any further information about the release date of the game. Even if the game releases by 2025, it will be almost a decade since the last game in the franchise came out.

I’m A Hero Too went on to speak about the official theme of the game which happens to be ‘black and white’. He further stated that some of the portions in the game “still look Green in the gills”. If the leaker is to be believed, Atlus is working on some spin-offs of Persona.

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A new Persona party game, as per the leaker, is currently being developed. In the last few years, many Persona spin-off games have come out. While some of these games have been received favorably by gamers, not all of them have been great.

Those who have been fans of the Persona franchise have several other interesting things to look forward to. While Persona 5 Tactica is scheduled for a November release this year, the remake of Persona 3 will be released in early 2024.

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