Much-Awaited GTA 6 Open World Map Surfaces Online


The GTA 6 open world map features a plethora of towns and cities that players could get a chance to explore in the game!

In the last few years, many open-world games have left a solid impression in the gaming space. Apart from Grand Theft Auto 5, some of the open-world games that have evolved well and continue to keep gamers engrossed are Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 4, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Minecraft. Now, all eyes are on Grand Theft Auto 6 and players hope that it will be that game that will set a new benchmark in the open-world gaming space.

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Fans had been eagerly waiting to have a look at the GTA 6 open world map. While the official map is not out, fans have taken some elements from the infamous GTA 6 gameplay leak that happened last year and used them to put together a concept map. This map has caught the attention of players online and many believe that it will be very close to the map that eventually comes out.

Interestingly, a concept map was made for GTA 5 right before its launch. When the game came out, it was seen that the concept map was very similar to the real map. While one doesn’t know how accurate this GTA 6 open world map is, there is a strong possibility that it gives a good idea about the locations that one would encounter in a much-anticipated game.

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This particular concept map of GTA 6 features a bunch of locations including several prominent towns and cities. When you look closely, you can see some airports as well. While some of the earlier GTA games had airports, they didn’t really let the players fly abroad.

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