PUBG – A Regular Streamer Concedes it is Difficult for the Game to Regain its Past Glory


There was a time when every game-playing child or adult could be seen playing PUBG, the short form of the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The Battle Royale game has since been overtaken by other games in the same genre. When the list of popular Battle Royale games is drawn up, the names you hear are Apex Legends and Fortnite and Warzone. PUBG’s name comes much later. It is unfortunate but that is the truth and cannot be denied. The question posed to Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek recently was if he felt there is a way for PUBG to regain its lost popularity and again rule the charts. He replied that he thought the chances were remote though not impossible.

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Shroud, an Avid PUBG Player

Coming from Grzesiek, it does sound sad since he used to stream the game from his site so that people could play. He has since stopped doing it. The popularity of a game is directly measured by the number of times it is downloaded and played. People’s choices and tastes keep changing dynamically and unless the development teams have the pulse on what the playing public needs and keep feeding them with it, it’s very difficult.

Shroud’s Suggestion – A New Version of the Game

Michael Grzesiek says that in his opinion the only way PUBG can be made appealing for the players to come back and play is for the studio to create a sequel like a PUBG 2 or something like that. It could even be a different name altogether. There has to be the novelty factor; the player has to feel there are newer features. If there are new characters, a change in the background and more options left in the hands of the players within the game, then they could come back and PUBG could be where it used to be.

PUBG Player

No News from the Studio Yet

Bluepoint, the developer of the PUBG game, has not so far made any public statement agreeing with or repudiating the statement made by the shroud. Developing a new game altogether may not be a nice idea since it takes a long time. Look at an experienced studio like Rockstar Games. They are yet to release the sequel to GTA 5. This current game has been around for seven years.

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Whatever Bluepoint is up to, the general impression among a lot of people appears to be there may not be any other option for PUBG to regain its glory.

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