GTA Fans Are Of The Opinion That Rockstar Games Is Teasing GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date

In February this year, Rockstar Games finally confirmed the fact that it is working on the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and GTA fans were excited.

For the longest time, there were rumors about Rockstar developing the next iteration of the popular gaming franchise.

While GTA fans were sure about this, the official confirmation made by the gaming publisher helped in substantiating the rumors. Though fans were expecting the company to make further announcements about the game, that didn’t happen. Despite Rockstar staying silent on GTA 6, rumors, leaks and unofficial reports kept fans busy.

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Now, fans feel that Rockstar itself is teasing them about the much-awaited game through its social media posts. A couple of months, fans stumbled upon some gameplay footage extracted from the development process of the game. More than 90 in-development videos of the game were brought to the fore by a leaker. These videos indicated that GTA 6 might feature a female protagonist. It also offered some clues about the setting of the game. Rockstar Games didn’t clearly respond to these leaks, but admitted that it suffered from a ‘network intrusion’.

Though nothing is confirmed at the moment, there is a possibility of Rockstar Games gearing up for a major reveal in the near future. Reddit user timothybrooks7 spotted the official handle of Rockstar Games retweeting an image uploaded by a fan.

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This particular image featured a Comet S2 along with a pink sunset being prominently visible in the background. This led to a large number of GTA fans jumping to the conclusion that the palm trees visible in the picture serve as a clue to GTA6’s setting. According to them, GTA 6 will be primarily set in Vice City.

Opened my Mailbox to “Rockstar games tweeted” and saw the sky and palm trees and my heart dropped…. Then I saw #GTAV. I really feel like they’re just toying with us now. from GTA6

There was another group of fans that had another theory to offer. They believe that RockstarGames retweeted this image as it was an interesting screenshot posted by a fan. However, a good number of fans continue to believe that Rockstar sharing or re-sharing these posts is a part of its strategy to come up with a big reveal soon.

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