GTA Online: $2 Trillion Needed To Complete New Community Heists Challenge

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Recently, Rockstar Games shared important information pertaining to the new Community Heists Challenge.

Among other things, it has been confirmed that GTA Online players are required to amass $2 trillion through heist finales.

What makes this further tougher is the fact that GTA Online players have been given only a week to achieve this objective. In the 2020 Community Heists Challenge, gamers managed to hit their target of scoring $1 trillion. The 2022 version requires them to achieve double the amount.

To earn $2 trillion, layers have to pull off a bunch of heists and achieve a certain degree of success in them. Some of the heists they need to pull off include The Fleeca Job, The Humane Labs Raid, The Prison Break, The Doomsday Scenario, The CayoPerico Heist, The Pacific Standard, The Bogdan Problem, The Diamond Casino Heist, The Data Breaches and Series A Funding.

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If you manage the reach the finale of the aforementioned heist, you will be able to make $2 trillion. You must remember that doing some jobs will help you more money than others. Those who don’t wish to be dependent on randoms have the option of trying The CayoPerico Heist which also happens to be one of the most lucrative heists.

At the moment, there is no clarity on what the special reward, which is scheduled to arrive towards the end of this year, would be. GTA Online players need to have certain skills in order to make $2 trillion by participating in heist finales.

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Two years back, when this event was organized, players were required to earn $100 billion but managed to rake in $1 trillion. For achieving this feat, players were awarded with a Veto classic long before it was put up for sale. The new Community Heists Challenge weekly update offers a bunch of new bonuses that players will try their hand at winning.

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