GTA Online: Speculations About Upcoming DLC Come To The Fore

Rockstar games

The recently rolled out Grand Theft Auto Online weekly update offered a lot of exciting things to players including lucrative rewards and gameplay changes.

Rockstar Games has finally launched. The Heists Event enables players to make a lot more money by participating in and completing heist missions.

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While the offers and rewards that have come as a part of this DLC are quite interesting, players have stumbled upon a piece of information that hints at the arrival of a new DLC in the near future. Though the rumors have not been addressed by the developer, there is a good possibility of it being true.

Rockstar Games launched a brand new weekly update on November 3. Along with the update, it also introduced a bunch of GTA+ benefits for GTA Online. While most things appear to be perfectly fine, players have noticed something unusual pertaining to the subscription benefits. GTA+ member benefits usually remain active for 30 days or so. However, Rockstar has taken the step to extend the subscriber’s benefits for this month till December 12, 2022. This led to players speculating about some new element being added to the game.

GTA Online gets a new DLC update every December. This has almost been a tradition for several years now. Rockstar has stuck to a particular strategy for releasing DLCs and it seems to have worked out very well for it.

Gtamen, a popular YouTuber, joined the discussion and reminded fans of the fact that Diamond Casino Heist was launched on December 12, 2019. He also mentioned that CayoPerico Heist got a release on December 15, 2020. Similarly, The Contract DLC was included in the game on December 15, 2021. Though there has been no confirmation about a new DLC being added to the game, there is a good chance of the team adding one in December.

Another YouTuber, who is known as TGG, also shared his views on this subject. He stated that The Heist Challenge was launched by Rockstar Games in 2020 much before the CayoPerico Heist DLC update was released.

The CayoPerico DLC update, as ardent fans would know, was a massive success. The heist job, soon enough, worked as a metaphor for grinding money. The Dr. Dre Contract mission offers a minimum reward of $1 million to players after they complete a mission. Whenever the next update comes out, fans would hope to be rewarded with a similar reward.

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Rockstar is known for launching new DLCs on Tuesdays or in December’s second week. When you look at the overall duration of November’s GTA+ subscription, you also get a hint of when the next DLC could come out.

Ever since it was launched, Grand Theft Auto Online has been a game that is known to receive updates on a regular basis. However, several modifications which fans have been expecting for a long time are yet to be done. The Mile High building, for instance, still remains incomplete.

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