GTA Online: Armored Truck Makes a Comeback

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GTA Online fans, who were missing an armored truck in the game, now have a reason to feel cheerful!

A new update for Grand Theft Auto Online, rolled out on July 13, marked the comeback of Armored Truck in the game. This particular event, which involves stealing money kept in a Stockade, was quite popular with players back then.

While Armored Truck was launched in 2013 to a good response from the players, it was removed from the game on September 15, 2015. For eight long years, players didn’t have the opportunity to participate in this event. The ones who started playing the game after September 15, 2015, have never had the opportunity to experience it.

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When a player participates in an Armored Truck job, they are required to throw a Sticky Bomb on the back of the Stockade to open the rear doors. Once the rear doors open, players will see a briefcase dropping out. They will have to pick it up to complete the event. While you will see two guards present inside the vehicle, you must know that taking them out is not a necessity.

GTA Online map

This random event takes place in ten possible spawn locations. All these locations, one must remember, are marked out on the map. If a player gets closer to any of these areas, they would be able to see a blue dot on the minimap. The blue dot indicates the event is currently active or live.

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Players must know that the Stockade Armored Trucks will make an appearance if the player participates in a session for more than 16 minutes. If a Sticky Bomb is thrown on the back of the vehicles, a small briefcase, with $25,000 inside it, can be expected to appear on the floor. If a lucrative weekly update comes your way, you can expect the value of the amount to increase significantly. If a weekly update doubles up the amount, players will stand to receive $50,000.

RP and cash are the only two rewards players can expect to get for stealing stuff from an Armored Truck. Contrary to what some players believe, no bonus reward is involved in procuring the vehicle from all the ten locations. Though the amount of in-game cash players can make through this job is not very high, it will definitely evoke a sense of nostalgia in them.

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