GTA Online Xbox Series X and PS5 Players Point Out Major Glitch

GTA Online Solo Money Glitch

Players using the PS5 and Xbox Series X have complained about a technical glitch with the game.

Those playing GTA Online Expanded and Enhanced have encountered a serious glitch with the game. Though Rockstar Games has not acknowledged the presence of this problem yet, players have been complaining about it. This bug greatly affects those who wish to create a new character in GTA Online’s next-gen version.

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GTA Online’s Expanded and Enhanced version was launched by Rockstar last year. Xbox Series X and PS5 players got to experience the game in a brand new avatar. This remastered version of the game featured better graphics and seemed to have been designed keeping in mind the high-end features found in next-gen consoles. GTA Online also ended up rolling out a new Career Builder bonus exclusively for this particular version. Because of this bonus, players get $4 million in GTA currency right at the beginning. However, the problem players are facing is related to this perk.

According to GTA Online players, the introductory process gets locked when they create a new character. Because of this, they find it almost impossible to do anything. This particular issue seemed to be related to the Executive career tree.

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Suddenly, players realize that they are not able to move their character freely after engaging with GTA Online business. They find it difficult to go ahead with the process because their CEO’s computer is inaccessible. Once the process starts, additional characters fail to access the career bonus as it has been already claimed by the player.

Character Freezing During Tutorial on Next-Gen Version of GTA Online
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While the player would be able to play the game by giving life to another character, they will not have access to the business bonus. This would prove to be a major disadvantage to the player. At the moment, there is no concrete solution to this problem. All players can do is stay away from the Executive career option and get in touch with the support team at Rockstar. To remain unaffected by this issue, many players are choosing existing characters or opting for a starting career that has not been infected by the bug.

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