GTA Online Video Shows The After-Effects of Vehicle Removal

GTA Online Glitch

A GTA Online player recently took the initiative of showing the kind of impact vehicle removal has had on the game!

A Grand Theft Auto Online player has put together a visual showcase which gives fans a proper idea about the damage occurred by removing vehicles from the game. The showcase video has surprised – even shocked – players as it shows exactly all that has transpired after more than 180 cars and bikes listed on the in-game websites were removed following the latest update.

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The removal of 194 vehicles from Grand Theft Auto Online created quite an uproar in the GTA community recently. Though Rockstar Games stated that this step was taken to streamline the overall user experience, it has been discovered that some of the vehicles, that were available for free earlier, were now available to those who have paid for the GTA+ service. What this essentially means is that these vehicles have now been paywalled. There has also been confirmation about a bunch of the removed vehicles returning to the game in the form of gambling rewards from The Lucky Wheel.

A YouTuber, who also happens to be a GTA fan, showcased the impact of vehicle removal from GTA Online by putting up a video. The player, who goes by the handle Broughy 1322, uploaded a video featuring the kind of impact the latest GTA Online update has had on the game. In the video showcase, one can see the player walking through two different rows of vehicles. All the cars shown in the video are no longer a part of the in-game websites.

Apart from putting up this video, the YouTuber also worked towards explaining certain things to fans in detail. According to the YouTuber, the server which was used to set up the showcase was put together by 8th Gear FiveM. It also showcases all the cars that have been removed from the websites.

While talking about how players might overlook the impact created by the removal, the YouTuber said that “you can’t fully grasp it until you see them like this”. According to the YouTuber, players were stripped off the opportunity to buy 26 motorcycles, 24 sedans, 14 off-roads, 17 supers, 13 muscles and several other vehicles that have now been removed from the purchase section.

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Many GTA Online fans have come forward and stated that some of the most sought-after vehicles in the game like Franklin’s Buffalo 5 and Trevor’s Canis Bodhi, too, have been removed from the game. However, players who had purchased these cars in the past can still find them in their inventory. A large number of players are upset about the fact that they can no longer buy certain vehicles and add them to their collections.

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