Zelda Themed Switch Was a Planned Leak Yet Employee was Fired

Zelda Switch

Instead of officially releasing a product, Zelda-themed Switch will gain the most momentum when it is promoted as a leak.

Most people should know that Nintendo will not miss an opportunity when Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is getting launched next month and a possible Nintendo Switch OLED special edition is in the cards.

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The official trailer was finally revealed to the public with much fanfare. The majority of the lot is busy understanding the various aspects showcased in the trailer. Before the Nintendo Switch OLED Legend of Zelda special edition was formally announced, a GameStop employee leaked the contents of the package and an image revealing how it was actually designed. It created so much hype which obviously turned into pre-orders and sale for the company.

According to an anonymous post made by inside sources, it has been revealed that the employee at GameStop was first suspended for being careless and then terminated. He had no intention to bring this out in the public and he was not supposed to be fired until Nintendo made an official request.

Tears of the Kingdom System and Acc

Nintendo’s Push to Getting Him Fired

The Zelda themed Switch is not a huge secret or something that could change the company’s name yet Nintendo made an open request to GameStop to fire the employee. He was previously suspended for investigation and within days of the leak, the official announcement was made. The person named Mike has no idea that showing the image on social media can be considered a leak.

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All he wanted to do was let everyone know that a pre-order is in the lineup and it will enable everyone to quickly buy their copy of the console as soon as it went live. GameStop had faced so many issues in the past due to a lack of hardware being available. The employee wanted to make sure everyone knows that a Zelda Themed Switch is coming in a few days and it will help streamline the stocks in a much better manner. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is set for launch on May 12th and the OLED system on 28th of April.

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