GTA Online Fan Requested Change Could Improve Arcades Drastically

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A minor alteration requested by a GTA Online fan could add a certain amount of dynamism to the arcade businesses in the game.

Grand Theft Auto fans have often come up with suggestions to improve the game. Recently, a player came up with a new idea to bring about an improvement in the arcades. Arcades, as some fans would remember, were included in the game as a venture which could have players participating during an important content update. However, there were some issues associated with it. A large number of players decided not to get involved with the arcades till the time these issues were resolved.

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Ever since GTA Online had been launched, a variety of business opportunities, including nightclubs, standard warehouses, a counterfeit cash factory and arcades have been introduced in the game. For players, exploring the game at a lower level, arcades proved to be the most viable option. While some players have used arcades as a tool to strengthen their empires, they always needed a lot of work.

R* Please – The Arcade Master Control Terminal – Make This Change …
by u/Preskool_Gamer in gtaonline

A Reddit user, who goes by the ID Preskool_Gamer, has received more than 630 upvotes on their post which features a recommendation to Rockstar Games to make some changes to the arcade master control and enhance its overall utility. According to Preskool_Gamer, certain adjustments could be made to give CEOs and MC Presidents access to businesses. When this is done, GTA Online players would not be relegated to non-arcade ventures.

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Those who already have an arcade but no access to the master control terminal would be required to shell out in-game cash amounting to $1,470,000 to get the add-on. After buying the add-on, fans would get easier and better access to the different businesses. While every GTA Online fan is cheering for this suggestion made by Preskool_Gamer, it remains to be seen whether Rockstar implements it or not.

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