GTA Online Bug: Union Depository Contract Players Get Severely Affected

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Though Rockstar Games has not taken cognizance of this GTA Online bug yet, it should be addressed soon!

X user @PSsharePS5 recently tweeted about a major GTA Online bug that adversely affects an Auto Shop Robbery Contract. The user stumbled upon a problem while making an attempt to park their vehicle at a few marked locations in the Union Depository Contract. Out of all the Robbery Contracts, the Union Depository Contract proves to be the highest-paying one. @PSsharePS5 further stated that they made an attempt to bypass the bug by switching from one session to another but that didn’t prove to be helpful.

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In the recent past, Rockstar Games fixed several bugs and resolved issues that had come to the fore with the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. The gaming studio also worked towards driving away issues that were linked to the background update rolled out on July 2, 2024. Rockstar, perhaps, ended up overlooking this particular issue somehow.

The aforementioned video makes it clear that the game instructs the players to stop at the yellow mission markers but that does not change anything. What this implies is that one cannot move ahead in this Auto Shop Robbery Contract. This also means that players have been barred from using one of the best money-makers in the game.

Though the tweet posted by @PSsharePS5 only makes a mention of the Union Depository Contract, there is a good possibility of other Auto Shop Robbery Contracts suffering from the same issue. However, nothing of that sort has been reported as yet.

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Those who have been playing games developed by Rockstar Games for a while would be aware of the fact that the gaming studio fixes such issues through background updates. However, right now one is not very sure as to when this bug will be fixed. In the meantime, players can focus on other money-makers like business sell missions and heists.

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update, which launched this summer, marked the arrival of new missions. Those who try out these missions will vouch for the fact that their content is very interesting, even though the payouts are not that great. The missions have been designed very well and players should enjoy the process of exploring them. Till the time this bug is driven away, players can check out all the new content that has arrived.

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