GTA Online Bug Enables Players To Make 14 Million Every Hour

GTA Online bug

A new GTA Online bug has made its way to the game and it gives players the opportunity to be rich in the game!

As far as heist missions in Grand Theft Auto Online are concerned, the CayoPericoHeist has always topped the popularity charts. A variety of fixes and nerfs have been introduced in this heist mission from time to time. It is also one of those activities in the game which players most frequently engage in.

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While the heist mission involves a lot of fun, there are certain challenges associated with it as well. To gain something out of this mission, players ought to get into it with complete dedication. Because of the difficulty level in this mission, players often keep looking for exploits. Recently, a gaming YouTuber named Lokkknath stumbled upon an exploit that enables one to make a lot of money conveniently by participating in this mission.

According to standard protocol, GTA Online players are required to wait up to 3 in-game days or 144 real-life minutes in order to replay the heist. However, the aforementioned GTA Online bug enables players to restart the heist almost immediately. This results in players increasing their earnings significantly every single hour.

The gaming YouTuber, on April 28, 2023, uploaded a video with the title Biggest Method to Exploit CayoPerico Heist in 2023! Through this particular video, the YouTuber broke down the details pertaining to the skip cooldown glitch for the CayoPerico Heist on PC.

As per the YouTuber, a player is required to finish all the requisite prep missions designed for the heist before participating in the finale from the Kosatka submarine. The YouTuber has confidently asserted that the glitch works extremely well with all the loot items. Through this video, Lokkknath also demonstrated the mechanism of the GTA Online glitch with the SinsimitoTequilla which helps one earn an amount as high as $900,000.

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The content in the video shared by the YouTuber is quite interesting. First, they get inside the tunnel with the help of the tunnel. While doing so, the YouTuber kills all the enemies on the way while ensuring their cover doesn’t break. They took the help of the door-swapping glitch to get inside the West Storage. The storage, which is known to contain a large amount of gold bars, offers an additional benefit amounting to $500,000.

After this, they enter the underground vault, get hold of the SinsimitoTequilla and exit the compound of el Rubio through the main gate. Then, they use a motorcycle to get out of the island. The video is immersive, to say the least.

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