GTA Online: Missions Modelled On Vice City Added To The Game

GTA Online

The new GTA Vice City missions are designed to make the game more vibrant and exciting for all sections of players.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the most-awaited game of our times. Needless to say, the GTA community remains active with discussions revolving around the game. While Rockstar Games is working diligently on the development process of GTA 6, it continues to add fresh content to the games that are already a part of the GTA library. By doing this, it wants to ensure that fans have enough things to do before GTA 6 is launched.

Though it has been a decade since Rockstar Games launched GTA Online, the gaming studio has made a conscious effort to keep the game dynamic, vibrant and fresh. With the arrival of a new DLC in the form of Bottom Dollar Bounties, a lot of fresh content has arrived in the game. According to data miners, this update comes equipped with several throwback features that are modeled on GTA Vice City. Owing to this, players can expect to go on a walk down memory lane while trying out these features.

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These GTA Vice City missions offer a lot of interesting things to players. One of the more interesting missions that has come to the fore is the “Pizza This…” mission which is quite similar to the Pizza Boy task one came across in GTA Vice City. Players would find this mission type to be quite interesting as it enables them to deliver pizzas in different areas in Los Santos. In this mission, they will be duly guided by a new icon that has emerged on the mini-map. Players will take the help of a new vehicle to complete these deliveries. This new vehicle has been referred to as the Pegassi Faggio Sport Pizza and has the logo of “Pizza This…” on it.

For fans looking forward to nostalgic content through these GTA Vice City Missions, the game offers a lot more things. A new type of data collectible, which has been discovered by data miner @Floorball_, asks players to spray LS Tags on different posters which can be found at different points in the map. While doing so, players stand the chance to earn cash and RP. This particular mechanic would remind players of the tag-spraying missions they stumbled upon in GTA Vice City.

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‘Assault on ATT-16’, which is touted to be a new Adversary Mode, is expected to arrive in the game soon. As per reports, this Adversary Mode has been designed similarly to that of the ‘Assault on Cayo Perico’ mode. To mark Halloween 2024, a zombie mode, too, will be added to the game. This particular mode is expected to bring in an element of spookiness to the game this Halloween season.

The aforementioned features are scheduled to release sometime before the much-awaited Winter DLC 2024. Before GTA 6 arrives, players will have a lot of content to explore and keep themselves engaged with. The features will be adding some variety to the game and appeal to both older players and newer fans.

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