GTA Online Clip Offers A Glimpse Of The Financial Risks Associated With The Game


Grand Theft Auto Online is one of those games which offer you a lot of opportunities to make money but you should be willing to work very hard.

You also have to be very conscious about not losing your money as that can happen very easily. The various accessories and services in the game come at a very high price and the different methods through which one can earn have largely remained the same.

A large number of GTA Online players turn to different business ventures to make some money. Recently, a Reddit user posted a video of a player trying to sell cargo kept inside a van. Because of a miscalculation, the player ended up losing their shipment.

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A Redditor, who went by the name reddittravelleerr, posted a video featuring themselves undertaking the responsibility of driving a cargo van and ensuring that it reaches its drop-off location safely. While maneuvering their way through the Chum Street flyover, the vehicle lost control and dived into the sea.

As per the player, a shipment worth $250,000 was transported. The occurrence of this incident, quite naturally, has left many fans feeling upset. One feels sad for the player but when you see the video carefully, you realize that the player was driving quite negligently.

The player was in charge of a Speedo Custom van, a vehicle that is known to be suffering from issues like poor traction and handling. Though this particular van appears to be an upgraded model of the vehicle, there are certain issues with it as well.

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The player was driving the vehicle at a very high speed and was trying for a curved turn. Because of this, the van lost traction and the accident happened. The clip also makes it clear that there were several puddles on the road. The presence of snow and rain adversely affects the performance of most in-game vehicles.

This incident should serve as a lesson for most players and help them realize the importance of driving carefully and keeping an eye on the terrain while delivering cargo shipments. Those driving low-performance vehicles should be all the more careful.

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