Grand Theft Auto Online Offers $150k As Bonus For Junk Energy Skydives

GTA Online

The arrival of Junk Energy Skydives in Grand Theft Auto Online has enabled players to win some additional prizes or rewards.

The newest daily activity, which is being offered to players, can be carried out both in public and private lobbies.

With the help of Junk Energy Skydives, you can try out as many as 25 different types of jumps. However, you must remember that you will get to choose from only 10 jumps every day. This particular process has been set up in a random manner in GTA Online. Players won’t face any difficulty while trying to trace these parachute jumps.

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When you complete this particular challenge, you will get an incentive from Rockstar Games. If the players are able to fulfill certain conditions, they will stand to win $150,000. They will also have the chance to be rewarded with a Junk Energy Parachute. Once you take up this challenge, you have to complete it the same day.

GTA Online players can engage in Junk Energy Skydives by using a black-colored parachute featuring light blue trims. When they use this parachute, they will be teleported to a different location. Players will be required to jump from a high-rise building, cross multiple checkpoints, and land at a particular destination.

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Players will be graded based on the kind of effort they put in. To reward the players, Rockstar Games has put across a set of terms and conditions. If a player manages to cross all the checkpoints, they will be rewarded with $2,000. For ‘Par Time Beaten’, they will be given $2,000. If they land safely, they will be further rewarded with $1,000. Those who manage to achieve all three objectives will get a gold medal.

For every successful jump, a player will get $5,000. They might also win $2,500 as reputation points. If they choose to replay the jump, they will be rewarded with $500. When a player manages to complete the 10 gold medal challenges on a particular day, they will get $150,000 as bonus cash reward.

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