Rockstar Games Hacker Reportedly Sold GTA V Source Code Prior To Getting Arrested

GTA 6 Rockstar

A couple of weeks back, a teenage hacker made news when he was arrested for his unethical activities.

Now, it is being speculated that he sold a Grand Theft Auto V source code before getting arrested.

As per a post on Reddit, a 17-year-old hacker named Teapot sold the GTA V source code, which he had stolen, on a group on Telegram. The administrator of this particular group shared a screenshot that featured the code’s buyer making an attempt to resell it. Reportedly, the buyer bought the code from Teapot a couple of hours after the hacker found a way to break into the servers of Rockstar Games. He even attached a picture which showed a part of the source code to prove that it is genuine.

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If this source gets resold and gets widely distributed, it will be bad news for Rockstar Games. It will offer tremendous scope for pirates and modders to manipulate it. Since GTA Online is based on several ideas used in GTA V, it will also suffer greatly.

Apparently the GTA 6 leaker sold the GTA V source code through a telegram group before getting arrested, according to the admin who verifies the buyer’s claim, uploads a new screenshot of the source code from GamingLeaksAndRumours

The authorities got hold of Teapot at his residence in Oxfordshire a couple of weeks ago. Teapot has been accused of hacking into the systems of several big organizations like Rockstar Games, Microsoft and Uber. Teapot had been one of the members of Laspus$, a notorious hacking group that is infamous for leaking more than 90 videos pertaining to GTA VI.

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These videos offered a glimpse of the game’s pre-built version. In those videos, one could see the game being affected by broken physics and glitches. The quality of these videos was very poor but they did end up confirming some of the most widely discussed rumors surrounding the game. Apart from confirming that the game will be set in Vice City, these videos also made it clear that GTA VI would feature a female protagonist.

While breaches have happened in the past, this has been one of the most shocking ones in the recent past. The extent to which it affected Rockstar can be gauged by the fact that the gaming publisher released an official statement and stated that it was “extremely disappointed” with these developments. The publisher further stated that it didn’t wish for fans to see the first glimpse of the much-awaited game in such a manner. FBI has said that it is carrying out an intensive investigation procedure to find out about all the crimes committed by the Laspus$ in the recent past.

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