GTA Online Witnesses Snow To Entertain Players This Winter

GTA Winter Snow

Whenever a festive season approaches, players expect some fresh content and updates to arrive in games that are a part of the GTA series.

If no such update is rolled out or content is launched during this period, fans get disappointed. This year, winter has been quite exciting for GTA fans. It has been around two weeks since the Winter Update for this year was launched and now, Grand Theft Auto Online has witnessed the presence of snow in the game.

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Snow has arrived in GTA Online and players now also have the opportunity to participate in a range of free mode events. Apart from the return of snowballs, a bunch of other interesting items like ammo and snacks are being offered to players at zero cost. Players who just log in will get free ammo top-ups in specific categories. They are also liable to receive bonus payouts pertaining to their businesses pertaining to the Acid Lab.

The winter content has a lot to offer to GTA Online players. As far as primary content is concerned, you get snow and snowman collectibles. To experience the Gooch Freemode event, at least two players need to play together. The event gets activated 48 minutes after the session starts. The Weazel Plaza Shootout Freemode event, on the other hand, activates 20 minutes after the session begins.

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Those who are interested in Christmas Day gifts will get to choose from Green Reindeer Beer Hat and Candy Cane. There are also many lucrative discounts to avail of. There is a flat 50% discount on both Homing Launcher and Proximity Mine. On Granger 3600LX, Schafter V12 Armored, Tailgater, Drift Tampa, Toros, Velum 5-Seater, Stromberg and Infernus Classic, you get a discount of 30%. Though the weekly update is scheduled to be updated on December 29, the new free mode activities, along with the snow, should be around for a very long time.

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