GTA 6: Fans Believe They’ve Discovered an Important Clue In a Christmas Message

GTA Fans

As Rockstar Games shared a ‘Happy Holidays’ message through its official Twitter account, Grand Theft Auto fans felt they have discovered a clue pertaining to GTA 6 in that particular message.

Since GTA fans keep looking for information or update about GTA 6 all the time, they are always on alert mode and ready to spot a clue or hint. While this shows the kind of enthusiasm fans have for GTA 6, it also paves the way for pointless rumors and unreliable information to seep in. This discovery related to a digital Christmas card, put together by Rockstar has evoked mixed responses.

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Every year, Rockstar makes it a point to share a holiday message with those who have enjoyed playing several of the games published by the gaming company. The message, published by the gaming company this year, was short and sweet. ‘Happy Holidays from Rockstar Games’ is what the message read.

Along with the message, there was a piece of art, represented in an animated form, which caught the attention of the fans. A Christmas tree was put together in an animated form and it looked beautiful. On the Christmas tree, there were several ornaments including razor blades, brass knuckles, pills, grenades and the logo of Rockstar Games. There was a particular thing that made fans very curious.

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Just right above the Rockstar Games holiday art, one can see a helicopter flying around. GTA fans were quite fascinated by the presence of his helicopter and started taking the necessary steps to find out which game it originates from. Some players found it to be similar to the LSPD helicopter featured in Grand Theft Auto 5. For the uninitiated, the LSPD helicopter is the ambulance helicopter in the game.

A picture, featuring a ‘Miami-Dade helicopter’, was also found. However, soon enough, it was found out that it was the image of a real helicopter. Though some fans thought it looked similar to the helicopter in the holiday message, it doesn’t seem to have any connection with Grand Theft Auto.

The similarities, which the fans asserted to be genuine, made them believe that it was a sly clue dropped by Rockstar Games about GTA 6. Their theory was that the helicopter is from Miami-Dade and GTA 6 should be set in a location closer to that area.

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